Contact us now for a FREE basement consultation

Contact us now for a FREE basement consultation

Message from the owner, Scott Schwegel

BIC Construction focuses exclusively on basement finishing. By combining the latest design trends and construction techniques, we produce stunning results that add value and enjoyment to your home. I hope you will contact me for a free design consultation.

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Basement Finishing in Aurora, CO

Basement Remodeling Services in Parker, Aurora, Castle Rock, CO, and Surrounding Areas

Get Your Basement Finished With BIC Construction

Do you have an unfinished basement that isn’t doing anything for your home? You can make a relatively useless, shabby looking area of a property into an attractive, functional living space. In fact, for many people who go through basement remodeling projects, the result is that the basement becomes the most comfortable, modern, and attractive part of the house.

The key is to go with a company that knows what’s involved in custom basement remodeling and understands what customers need.

A Track Record of Success

In the Aurora and Castle Rock, Colorado areas, BIC Construction LLC offers some of the best basement remodeling services around. Our company specializes in coming up with detailed, creative plans for making over a basement space.

As for the company’s reputation, it’s evident from customer testimonials, as well as a top Better Business Bureau rating, BIC Construction knows its stuff. We’re a Gold Star contractor with a wealth of satisfied customers in the Aurora area.

Working With Our Customers

One of the key needs that customers have is predictable pricing. Homeowners want to get the most out of their properties, but they’re not made of money. They have to do it on a budget. One of the biggest complaints that we hear from people who have gone with other companies is that the customer ultimately feels like they’ve been “nickel and dimed.” They feel like they’ve been offered one thing and ended up with another result, paying a lot more when all of the renovations are done.

To this end, BIC Construction offers fixed-cost pricing. We will offer a hard bid that doesn’t change as the project moves along. Sometimes that means we take on some of the cost, but it’s worth it to provide customers with an outcome they can predict and prepare for. One of the biggest points of pride that we celebrate at our business is offering solutions on time and on budget, which leaves customers feeling respected and well taken care of. You don’t have to pay a premium over what you’re quoted to get a nice, modern basement renovation.

Talk to BIC Construction about basement finishing in Aurora, CO. Let us help you to complete your project to see the final results that you want when you take one of these exciting home improvement projects.

BIC Construction, LLC differs from other basement contractors in that:

  • We offer fixed-cost pricing. This means we offer you a hard bid. If the project ends up costing more, it’s on us to pay it.
  • There is no money down to begin your custom basement finishing project.
  • We are A+ rated by the BBB and have 10 years of consecutive Gold Star winning.
  • We offer free bids and consultations, including a free AutoCAD design.

When you partner with BIC Construction on your basement finishing project, you will experience the best in basement design and construction, as well as receive unparalleled customer care. So contact us today!

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