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Happy New Year from BIC, the experts in Basement Finishing in Castlerock CO!

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You know what I love about starting a new year? Resolutions. I love to challenge myself. I really call resolutions “goals”. I know in all likelihood, I’m probably not going to 100% complete all of them. But, I stick to them and if I mess up once, I don’t just give up, I keep going. It’s like dieting. If you mess up one day, do you completely give up on the diet altogether? No way! Just call it a cheat day and continue the diet the next day.

One of my favorite goals to set is to get organized. Yes, I am a little OCD. Everything has a place. And yes, I find joy in organizing things. What better way to start the new year than to get your office space organized and functional as part of your basement finishing project?!

Here are some of my necessities to having a good, functional basement office space:

Natural Light

I like a lot of natural light everywhere in my home. Although I know that is not always possible (especially in basements), I recommend trying to place your office in a room with at least 1 window (a big one if you can!).

A Bookshelf

No only can you store books on this, but also decorations! Put up your trophies and awards, pictures of friends and family, little nic-nacs. Whatever helps motivate you to work, or makes you happy, put it up!

Clean Desk

Don’t clutter your desk. Just put the essentials on it- computer, lamp, 1 picture, pencil holder. Everything else can go in the drawers/cabinets. If your desk is just a table, make sure to get a bookshelf or chest of drawers that will match nicely, and keep it close by. You can always put a shelf behind your desk that can hold file folders if you need those.

Big, Comfy Chair

Sometimes you just need to take a break and relax. 10 minutes to chill, close your eyes, and breathe, and then you’ll be ready to get back to work. Just don’t give in to the urge to never leave the chair.

Filing System

Not only does your work stuff need to be organized, but so does your personal life. Maybe your office is simply to keep track of your personal life. My favorite system for filing all of our important information can be found by clicking here

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Remember, it’s going to take time to get organized. It doesn’t just happen overnight. Be ready to dedicate several hours, maybe even a weekend (or two or three!) to getting your life organized. Don’t be discouraged by all of the work to do, be encouraged by the progress you’re making, and what it’s going to look like when it’s complete! Pinterest is full of decorating, organizing, and do it yourself ideas. I highly recommend checking it out and seeing what you can do with your office space. Our office Pinterest page has some great ideas as well for you to check out, just click here!

Good luck getting organized this year!